Diversity and inclusion are an important part of the corporate culture at publicplan. The different perspectives and experiences serve as drivers for innovative ideas and solutions, while an open and tolerant corporate culture bolsters employee loyalty.

Diversity and the personal skills of our employees guarantee our enduring corporate success.

– Dr. Christian Knebel, CEO

We are proud of the fact that women employed in various fields and roles account for more than 30% of our workforce. In addition, we are committed to a multicultural workforce and employ people from 28 different nations, reflecting the diversity of our teams.


We are committed to ensuring that everyone who applies for a job at publicplan is given a fair chance. Our recruiters are therefore up to date with the latest developments and continuously undergo training in the area of ‘diversity recruiting’.

In order to make sure that our teams represent a broad spectrum of backgrounds and possess wide-ranging experience and perspectives, we publish our job listings specifically on platforms that have a global reach so that we can target candidates from different countries and cultures. Our aim is to assemble teams that not only have the right professional skills, but also a rich mosaic of identities and ways of thinking.

We are also actively committed to the social and professional integration of our foreign employees in our company and in Germany. To this end, we have created a comprehensive internal database that helps with bureaucratic matters such as work visas and insurance. We also offer personal advice tailored to individual needs.


publicplan is a member of the Network of Companies Integrating Refugees. This membership underlines our efforts to enable refugees to successfully integrate into the world of work.


We offer free English courses to make it easier for employees and different teams to communicate with one another. Since our first English-speaking employees joined the company last year, we have expanded our range of courses and now also offer German lessons for anyone who is interested. In addition, we make sure that important information and pages in Confluence are also available in English. On our internal communication channels – such as Rocket Chat, Jira and MS Teams – employees have built-in translation options at their disposal.


publicplan has launched a language buddy programme for employees who have already acquired basic knowledge of German. The aim of the programme is to further improve their German language skills and boost networking between employees.

A language buddy assists colleagues with language challenges, whether they involve translating written texts into German, attending meetings, or correcting emails to ensure they are error-free and understandable. Our language buddies not only have linguistic skills, but also an understanding of other cultures.  


The workshops and training programmes at publicplan are aimed at leaders, HR managers and any employees who would like to get involved in the subject of diversity and inclusion in their working environment. One such example is the workshop ‘Diversity and now? Team building made easy’, which our intercultural team attended. The aim of this workshop was to break down stereotypes, promote open and respectful relations with one another and create an openness to other cultures and perspectives.

During the induction phase, our employees are assigned a mentor who is on hand to answer any questions they may have. We attach great importance to ensuring that mentors receive the training needed to enhance their intercultural skills and work well with employees from different cultures.

At publicplan, we work together to create a diverse and inclusive working environment where every individual is valued and respected.

Charta der Vielfalt

By signing the Charta der Vielfalt, publicplan is making a definitive statement in support of diversity and tolerance within the workplace, while demonstrating profound respect for all employees, irrespective of age, ethnic and national origins, gender and gender identity, physical and mental capabilities, religious beliefs and ideologies, sexual orientation, and social background.


In 2024, we launched the women@publicplan network to deepen our commitment to equality and diversity. Our goal is to empower women to achieve their full potential.

This network serves as a dynamic platform for our female employees to connect, bolster one another, and exchange experiences and insights. Its purpose extends beyond merely supporting our current female workforce; it aims to motivate and influence young women to embark on a career in IT.

We are convinced that promoting women in the IT sector will open up new perspectives and innovative solutions that will help us lead Germany into the digital era. 

our recruitment-team

If you have any questions, our recruiting team will be happy to help. You can reach us at hr@publicplan.de. We ask you to always submit your applications via the officially advertised positions via Personio.