join our team as a php developer

Our course is growth, which is why we are looking to strengthen our crew. Anyone who wants to join us should have a clear view of the target coordinates for a digital Germany and share our conviction that open source offers optimal opportunities to achieve this goal.

Role PHP Developer

We’re heading to planet “Best Digital Service” for Germany’s citizens. As a PHP Developer, you’ll be instrumental in helping #OpenSourceAstronauts control this planet. You’ll invent, improve and test to allow us to present tailor-made results to our clients. On the basis of different programming languages and frameworks, you’ll develop new features for our pre-existing software solutions as well as design completely new solutions. Your goal: deliver clean applications, quality tested with PHPUnit. You will also circulate knowledge so that the entire crew can benefit from it.

You should be capable of doing this and bring this skill with you

Your language will be PHP, your planet will be dynamic websites. You’ll know your way around and feel professionally at home here. After completing your vocational training or studying IT, you began conquering the worlds of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and MySQL. You’ll have spent at least three years gaining experience as a PHP developer – either in the frontend or backend. You love complex applications and appreciate Laravel’s adaptability and Symfony’s complete bundles. Jira and Confluence – far from being alien to you, these are important tools for supporting cooperation among your crew and helping the mission to succeed. At our company, part of our concept is constantly learning from one another. For you this means: We would ask that you pass your knowledge on to your colleagues. Of course, the best way to do this is for you yourself to be open, communicative and curious.

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If you have any questions, our recruiting team will be happy to help. You can reach us at We ask you to always submit your applications via the officially advertised positions via Personio.