The career progression framework at publicplan serves as the foundation for planning your own career path and further development within the company.

Three career paths

publicplan has established three distinct career paths that can be pursued from senior levels and beyond.

The first is the Project Management Career Path, which entails taking on increasing responsibilities within projects. The second is the Management Career Path, which focuses on developing into a managerial role. Lastly, there is the Expert Career Path, which emphasizes technical specialization.

These different career paths provide opportunities for professional growth and success, with equal prospects for career advancement and salary progression.

Project Management career path

Within the Project Management Career Path, the role’s responsibilities and complexity increase as your career progresses. Various factors, such as project scope, stakeholder involvement, team size, dependencies, and requirements, influence the level of responsibility. With growing experience, you will undertake larger, more complex, and strategically significant projects.

What motivates you:

You thrive on working with complex projects and seek professional variety. Collaborating with clients and colleagues on diverse projects is your driving force.

Management career path

The Management Career Path aims to develop careers as managers, encompassing both disciplinary and functional aspects of people management. This includes responsibilities for team deployment, shaping standards, and actively promoting the development of team members.

What motivates you:

You enjoy working with others, bringing your personality and leadership skills to the business. Mentoring and supporting the growth of those around you by utilizing your strengths is your goal.

Expert career path

The Expert Career Path focuses on the development of specialisation. As an expert, you become the go-to person for your area of expertise across publicplan’s projects and programs. You provide advice to departments and project managers, actively support implementation, and maintain a company-wide overview of your specialized area.

What motivates you:

You are driven by the opportunity to be an innovative force within your area of expertise. Continually expanding your technical knowledge independently, solving technical problems, and proactively sharing knowledge are your passions.


We work collaboratively to enable individual career paths aligned with personal and professional goals, based on PublicPlan’s three career pathways.

Together with your manager, you will define specific long-term goals for your development and the associated enhancement of your competencies. A plan of action will be created, encompassing training, increased responsibilities, and skills and knowledge expansion. Regular meetings with your manager will be held to discuss your development and progress towards your career objectives.

Our Recruitment-Team

If you have any questions, our recruiting team will be happy to help. You can reach us at We ask you to always submit your applications via the officially advertised positions via Personio.