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Our course is growth, which is why we are looking to strengthen our crew. Anyone who wants to join us should have a clear view of the target coordinates for a digital Germany and share our conviction that open source offers optimal opportunities to achieve this goal.

Role Product Owner

As a Product Owner, you’ll be a planner and communicator, a controller and an impulse generator, and you’ll always look at your respective project from the eye of the client. With you – as is classic and proven according to Scrum – lies the technical and economic responsibility for ensuring the project’s success. You serve as the interface between project stakeholders, especially the clients and the development team. Constructive communication in all directions is therefore an important part of your daily work. You’ll plan what is developed, who’ll do it and in what timeframe. Keep yourself and the client informed as to the progress of the project. Your instruments will include epics and user stories, and, of course, it’s up to you to manage the product backlog. At the end of each sprint, you’ll organise review meetings with the relevant stakeholders and give the development team constructive feedback.

You should be capable of doing this and bring this skill with you

As far as the careers of our Product Owners are concerned, we’re open: In our experience, a degree in business informatics provides a good background; economists with a high affinity for IT also feel good in this role, as do people with a degree in the field of e-government. Of course, it helps to have programming experience yourself, but even more important is your experience with agile methods. You should have at least three years’ experience here. Furthermore, as a Product Owner, you should, of course, be capable of structuring yourself, your tasks and others as well, be happy communicating and getting to the point as well as bring a good helping of solution orientation with you.

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If you have any questions, our recruiting team will be happy to help. You can reach us at We ask you to always submit your applications via the officially advertised positions via Personio.