Job World

The goal of #OpenSourceAstronauts is to make administration more digital and therefore smarter. This is practical for all citizens, important for companies and simply good for Germany. The many projects we have already successfully implemented demonstrate this.

Anyone who wants to come on board with us should therefore have a firm eye on the target coordinates for a digital Germany and share our conviction that open source offers the best opportunities for achieving this target.

With us, success means teamwork

Our crew consists of specialists with an agile mindset who know what they’re doing and how their skills can contribute to our common goal. But the most important qualification for #OpenSourceAstronauts is: Team spirit! Nothing happens here without it.

Our teams are always cross-functional, with clear responsibilities and roles. They are responsible for ensuring the success of their projects and stakeholder satisfaction. To do this, they get maximum freedom, the best support and our full confidence.

In our Job World, we’ll introduce you to the roles of our currently 250 team players at publicplan. And where do you see yourself?

Product Owner

As a Product Owner, you’ll be a planner and communicator, a controller and an impulse generator, and you’ll always look at your respective project from the eye of the client. With you – as is classic and proven according to Scrum – lies the technical and economic responsibility for ensuring the project’s success. You serve as the interface between project stakeholders, especially the clients and the development team. Constructive communication in all directions is therefore an important part of your daily work. You’ll plan what is developed, who’ll do it and in what timeframe. Keep yourself and the client informed as to the progress of the project. Your instruments will include epics and user stories, and, of course, it’s up to you to manage the product backlog. At the end of each sprint, you’ll organise review meetings with the relevant stakeholders and give the development team constructive feedback.

You should be capable of doing this and bring this skill with you

As far as the careers of our Product Owners are concerned, we’re open: In our experience, a degree in business informatics provides a good background; economists with a high affinity for IT also feel good in this role, as do people with a degree in the field of e-government. Of course, it helps to have programming experience yourself, but even more important is your experience with agile methods. You should have at least three years’ experience here. Furthermore, as a Product Owner, you should, of course, be capable of structuring yourself, your tasks and others as well, be happy communicating and getting to the point as well as bring a good helping of solution orientation with you.

Scrum Master

Our Scrum Masters are constantly presenters, mediators, process supervisors, support staff and team coaches all in one. In a nutshell, this means: As a Scrum Master, you’ll be helping your colleagues in our agile teams to achieve jointly defined goals. In general, this will include making their work easier and keeping disruptive influences from outside away. Specifically, for example, you’ll be coaching the team members on how to work together productively as part of the agile framework, supporting them in planning sprints, presenting events from the daily Scrum to the review meeting and taking care of highlighting impediments and solving them – either alone or together with the team.

You should be capable of doing this and bring this skill with you

With a degree in business informatics, an apprenticeship in the IT environment or comparable knowledge, you’ll have good prerequisites for this job. Your experience is also a factor for us: Anyone coming on board as a Scrum Master at publicplan should have spent at least three years working as a team coach with agile methods and be competent with peer and management feedback. If this is something you can provide, you should have no trouble ticking off the other essential skills for this role with us: pronounced communication skills, a fine sense for the team dynamics and a knack for presentation.

Devops Expert

You’ll be part of our Development team. As a DevOps Expert, you’ll constantly be thinking about the best possible synergy between software development and IT operations. Your fixed stars are software quality, high development and delivery speed and, of course, ensuring the individual fields of our teams synergise in the best way possible. You’ll plan, design and implement open-source applications and handle the content and technical development of our e-government solutions. You’ll continuously exchange ideas with the respective teams.

You should be capable of doing this and bring this skill with you

The most important thing for us is that you’re familiar with DevOps methods in practice. Of course, you should also have knowledge and experience with programming languages, libraries and frameworks. A degree that has prepared you for the job, such as (business) computer science or business administration with a focus on IT would be nice, but is certainly not a must. In addition to your IT skills, it’s more important to us that you’re capable of working with agile methods, project management and, like all #OpenSourceAstronauts, a communicative, empathetic person who simply wants to drive Germany’s digitisation forward.

PHP Developer

We’re heading to planet “Best Digital Service” for Germany’s citizens. As a PHP Developer, you’ll be instrumental in helping #OpenSourceAstronauts control this planet. You’ll invent, improve and test to allow us to present tailor-made results to our clients. On the basis of different programming languages and frameworks, you’ll develop new features for our pre-existing software solutions as well as design completely new solutions. Your goal: deliver clean applications, quality tested with PHPUnit. You will also circulate knowledge so that the entire crew can benefit from it.

You should be capable of doing this and bring this skill with you

Your language will be PHP, your planet will be dynamic websites. You’ll know your way around and feel professionally at home here. After completing your vocational training or studying IT, you began conquering the worlds of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and MySQL. You’ll have spent at least three years gaining experience as a PHP developer – either in the frontend or backend. You love complex applications and appreciate Laravel’s adaptability and Symfony’s complete bundles. Jira and Confluence – far from being alien to you, these are important tools for supporting cooperation among your crew and helping the mission to succeed. At our company, part of our concept is constantly learning from one another. For you this means: We would ask that you pass your knowledge on to your colleagues. Of course, the best way to do this is for you yourself to be open, communicative and curious.

Process Designer

Our Process Designers specialise in developing optimal solutions for facilitating interaction between citizens and administration. Should you join us on board in this role, one of your goals will be to implement the German Online Access Act (OZG). Your on-board instrument: open source, of course. This will set you on a course for a digitised Germany. As a Process Designer, you’ll work closely with our Product Owners, who know our clients’ requirements and wishes to a tee. Our users’ perspective – that’s what you’ll orbit and what you’ll keep in mind at all times. This is what you’ll align your web-based forms with, implement in technical terms and optimise. And you’ll keep doing this – until the system “flies”. This is how you’ll allow citizens flawless, smooth online access to the services of the German Federal Government, the States and municipalities. 

You should be capable of doing this and bring this skill with you 

Be guided by objectives and complete projects – you should have received training in doing this simply by successfully completing your training or your degree. We are less interested in what you have studied or whether you have relevant professional experience. What counts more than anything at publicplan is your experience in the IT sector. Anyone who gets started with us as an #OpenSourceAstronaut in the process design field will be familiar with common IT programs, quickly able to familiarise themselves with new software and work in a highly systematic manner. We are looking for analysts with strong organisational skills who want to correct the course to digital administration until a precision landing is guaranteed.

Business Analyst

Business requirements – this is the basis which your work with us as a Business Analyst will be docking to. You’ll determine the requirements of our clients with a high degree of precision and thus guarantee the optimal initial conditions for their digitisation projects. You’ll accompany authorities on their journey to planet OZG and use your expertise to provide them with guidance on its implementation. You’ll use your user-friendly and time-saving “one-size-fits-all” concept to fascinate States and municipalities alike. You’ll examine how digitisation projects can be implemented from a professional standpoint. Your roadmaps, which you’ll work out with your crew, will set the course.

You should be capable of doing this and bring this skill with you

At publicplan, Business Analysts bear a large amount of responsibility for ensuring the success of the mission. That’s why they need to be well-trained and already possess professional experience. We consider a degree in business informatics, e-government or comparable training in an IT environment to be a solid technical basis. If you have already implemented projects for public authorities in your at least three-year career, you’ll fit right in at publicplan. With us, you’ll be able to use your knowledge of analysing administrative processes as well as your experience with modelling tools such as Camunda. You’ll be adept at working with Jira, Confluence and Office 365 as well as capable of working with BPMN or UML. But more than anything, you’ll inspire our clients with your expertise in addition to being competent and communicative while advising and a pronounced team player.

Program Manager

Developing visions, designing suitable strategies and implementing in close collaboration with the client – in this orbit, you’ll work with us as a Program Manager in close cooperation with ground control as well as all stakeholders. You’ll steer the spacecraft of one of the six publicplan theme worlds, stay the course and ensure the mission succeeds in economic terms. You’ll represent your theme world both within our publicplan base station and externally. As someone who truly understands our clients, you’ll initiate projects, pursue tenders and be responsible for preparing them. 

You should be capable of doing this and bring this skill with you 

With a degree in business informatics, political science or the field of e-government, you’ll have all the basic equipment you need for your assignment with the #OpenSourceAstronauts. However, you can also take on this task with us as part of an apprenticeship in the IT sector. It is important that you possess at least three years of professional experience as a Program Manager or Lead Product Owner or have worked in a comparable position for several years. E-government, this is your galaxy. Here, you’ll be an expert on the go, possessing sound knowledge and a large network in public administration. You’ll be familiar with authorities’ wishes and needs because you’ll have already successfully implemented e-government projects. Reliable and confident.