We see ourselves as a learning organisation. That’s why publicplan now offers the GovExpedition – a full day of knowledge, exchange and development together every month – by #OpenSourceAstronauts for #OpenSourceAstronauts. The GovExpedition is interactive, unique and promotes team spirit as well as internal networking.

Everyone can participate – as a lecturer, a learner or as part of the organising team. And because the publicplan cosmos is large and diverse, we’ve designed our GovExpedition to serve the full range of our topics and challenges.

The GovExpedition has a number of goals at the same time:

Learning together
Developing something new together
Growing from successes and mistakes
Presenting new developments

Each of the four planets we visit on our monthly expeditions at regular intervals represents one of these goals.

space academy

Here, the goal is knowledge transfer. One of the crew has learned something that may also help out lots of team members? Then please share it! This can be the content of a training course or a conference you attended as part of the publicplan training budget, as well as the content of a book from your private bookshelf or experiences from a previous job.

If you want to share your knowledge, simply register a session for the next Space Academy and present your topic in no more than 45 minutes. All #OpenSourceAstronauts can come to their own decision as to whether they’d like to take part in the Space Academy and put together their own programme for the day. Do you want to attend one session or all five? The content is recorded and available even after the expedition day. This is gradually building up a unique library of digital knowledge made by publicplan.

hackathon lab

This planet goes hand in hand with publicplan’s internal hackathon format. In the Hack Lab, all #OpenSourceAstronauts are called upon to develop a solution to a specific problem or question. Important here: Don’t work in your own team! In addition to solving problems, the purpose of the Hack Lab is to get creative across teams and locations, to get to know new people and their thoughts and to continue networking in the publicplan cosmos.

At the end of the day, each team presents their solutions and all those who wish to will vote on who has won the day.

Fail/Win compilation

Learn from mistakes and celebrate successes. These are the goals of this format. In separate sessions, we first concentrate on what didn’t go well, and then on what really sparked a flame. And during both, we ask ourselves: What can we learn from this for future projects? The answer is always: a whole lot. We want to promote a healthy and constructive feedback culture while also simultaneously helping our successes both small and large get more internal visibility.

Space expo

Our virtual UX in-house trade fair, where individual teams are able to present their solutions from a user’s perspective.

To do this, each participating team receives a stage and a booth – all virtual, of course – and presents its solutions to the other #OpenSourceAstronauts. They can listen to presentations and wander from stand to stand in the digital space to exchange ideas with their exhibiting colleagues, ask questions and gain insights into others’ work.

our recruitment-team

If you have any questions, our recruiting team will be happy to help. You can reach us at We ask you to always submit your applications via the officially advertised positions via Personio.